earn from homeHow to earn from home with PTC sites

I’m sure most of you know how to create a simple blogger account, and create a nice blog. Also I believe a good percentage knows how to create a self hosted wordpress blog, which is more advanced and fully featured website.
In case you don’t know how to create a blog, just do a simple google search: “How to create a blog“. Select a subdomain, with a nice PTC related keyword in it, and fill all the details. Also I would suggest you to find a nice template for your blog, so i differs from others. This is quite easy too, search “Free blogger templates” and “How to install blogger templates” on Google.
After setting the template, I suggest you to make a logo if you have any photoshop skills (or again, do a google search how to make one), because this will give a more professional look to your blog and people will remember it.
Another very good thing is to have a 468x60px banner for your blog, that you will use to promote it on other blogs, forums and PTC sites.


After you opened your blog, and got all necessary promotion materials, you should start inserting some content!
A lot of PTC blog owners do a big mistake, they just create a farm of referring banners on their blogs with a little bit of information. Visitors are not interested in that, they will go research about PTCs on other sites if you don’t provide them with enough information!
The key of getting referrals fast is to build a base of visitors that will often come back to your blog. You must be asking your self, how do I do that?
Well instead of making one blog post with tons of banners and click rates, you should post every new PTC site in a new post. Also the best thing to do is to make categories on your blog (Trusted sites, New sites, Scam sites).
In a post, you should explain why you think a new site has good chances to last. E.g. It has a forum, click rates are sustainable, security is on high level, owner is already trusted etc.
More you say it’s better, visitors will go to that website and signup, there’s no need for them to go anywhere else.
Another important thing is that you don’t forget about your old posts. If you find out something new about a certain PTC (e.g. downtime) post an update. Also if website turns to scam, don’t forget to change the category. This will show your visitors you know well which sites are good to join. And start earn from home!

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