Make money online with Neobux

King of  PTC site. Neobux is one of the oldest PTC site with excellent opportunities for profit. Apart from clicking on ads, you can also make money by doing tasks.

How does Neobux work?

You Get about 20 ads a day that you need to look at. Standard members on  Neobux get  0,001 $ for each click and  every ad  lasts 3 seconds. The main difference is that here you can buy and  rent  referrals. This is a great opportunity for those who have no time to recruit referrals. (Note: Referrals are people who are clicking on  ads and that way they earn money for  themselves  and for you too)First  15 days after registration  you can not  rent referrals.

make money online

How to earn on Neobux

First rule: Don’t give up!!! . The most people who  sign up, give up after 10 days  because they are spending  lot of time on clicking on ads and they have only 10 cents on their account  . I felt the same thing  in the beginning, but fortunately, I did not give up.neobux-png

So, you have to be persistent. At first you only need to click and diligently gather cents. Do tasks to collect  $ 2 as quickly as possible. Once you got  first two U.S. dollars, buy referrals. For $ 1 on Neobux you can buy five referrals, one dollar should remain on the account so you can be able to turn on  autopay option. If you have AutoPay enabled, on the first click a referral makes per day, you’ll pay to keep that referral for an extra day.
If the referral does not click, you won’t pay him for another day. This is a good option in the beginning. When you buy 5 referrals, you will see that your earnings go a little faster. For every click from your referral, you get 0.005 cents and the maximum per referral is 2 cents a day. Diligently continue to collect cents and when you have two dollars on the account again, rent 5 more referrals. Earnings are now accelerating faster. Now it’s all up to you. Buy referrals until you gather 300 of them. With 300 referrals you are earning $ 6 a day. Extend referrals who are active!!! If you have referrals that are not active or not clicking at least four ads daily, you can replace them for new ones. It is called recycling. You are now able to think about upgrading your account to the Golden which coasts $ 90 a year. It’s worth to invest in golden membership  because you double your earnings. With 300 referrals and Golden account your monthly earnings look like this: 300 referrals x 4 cents = 1200 cents or $ 12 a day. Not bad money  for only 5 minutes which you need to see  20 ads (the requirement to get the money from referrals is that you  see your ads that day). After that,  collect dollars for Ultimate account, where you can have 4000 referrals ….  Earnings???  Up to two thousand dollars a month!

So as I said in the beginning,  this is going slow, but you can speed up the process  if you invest 20-30 U.S. dollars. It’s all up to you!!! The important thing is  NOT TO GIVE UP!!!

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